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April 12, 2017

Great Cakes Soap Challange April 2017 Entry
Hello friends! It's time again for me to submit another entry to the GreatCakes Soap Challange. I've done the last two challenges and had a blast! I used my Facebook page to post the info before, but I decided to expand my website by adding a Blog page so that I could do it straight from here. I figured it made more sense keeping everything in one place ;) 
     This month's challenge involves making a "Rustic Soap" and packaging it accordingly. How fun!! I love using tricks for the Hot Process method that I learned by watching Molly from Ridgeway Soapworks. She makes the most amazing soaps using the Hot Process Method, which can be tricky to do. My soaps don't do her techniques justice lol!
     For this batch of soap I used Allspice as my fragrance, and micas to color it. I chose an earthy color palate and scent to keep it as rustic as possible. And of course when it came to packaging, I HAD to use burlap and lace!! A little butterfly charm finished it off and it was good to go. I hope you like it!